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We are assembling a small group (20 maximum), of active or former military personnel or dedicated athletes to comprise a core team of runners committed to a 3-day 140 mile tribute run from Cincinnati to Sunbury. The run has a specific timetable for each marker throughout each day. Runners need to be flexible, willing to run on any given day and when needed. RAIN OR SHINE.

Runners will run approx. 1 mile for every Ohio fallen military hero who died while serving during the current war on terror, stopping to salute and give tribute by name at every Hero Marker, briefly greeting family, friends and comrades who may be waiting nearby. Stopping no longer than 90 seconds each.

Each runner must be physically capable of a consistent 8-9 minute mile for 2 mile legs. Core teams will regularly rotate over the 3-day period. We are not looking for quantity of runners but a solid team dedicated to the remembrance of those who gave their lives and their families. This route will be grueling at times because the trail winds through many hilly areas as we in Ohio. A specific pace must be maintained in order to timely greet waiting families.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our core team or be a drop-in runner contact us at,

Meet This Year's OHIO


Brittany Dino

Core Runner

I am thankful to be joining the Run for the Fallen family as we bring honor and remembrance to Colorado's military fallen and their families.


Bryon West

Core Runner

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Florida in 2018. I started participating in charity runs in 2012. It is a great way to combine my passion for running and give back to the community. I never served in military, but have many family members who have. The military and their families sacrifices so much for the freedoms we enjoy, especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Remembering and honoring their sacrifice is very important. That is why I am very proud to be a part of this run. God Bless America.


Tony Hanneken

Core Runner

I am a  licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and avid runner. I was in the army (Military Intelligence) for 9 years. I served in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield among many peacetime exercises. My favorite duty station was Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. It was nice to serve our wonderful country and live in paradise at the same time. As a runner I have run many races from 5k to 50k. One of my most proud running moments was running the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC. The "Blue Mile" where the fallen soldiers were being honored was such a surreal experience. When I was offered the opportunity to "Run For The Fallen" in Florida, I jumped at the chance. I cannot wait to be a part of this event!


Mark Mease

Core Runner

Born at Cherry Point NC, Served USMC 07-13 Lives in Daytona Beach FL and has volunteered for team RWB since 2014 as Athletic Director and now  the veteran Engagement Director.  I have ran the Marine Corps Marathon for the past 4 years and participate in a lot of local 5ks. I had the honor of running the American Odyssey Relay with Team RWB where we finished first in the military division and placed 2nd overall. I like to push myself an take on new challenges and help people along the way.

Mark Mease II
USMC 0311
Team RWB Daytona Beach Veterans Engagement Director


Randy Haddox

Core Runner

I served in the U.S. Army for 21 years and achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Four. I am a disabled veteran who has served three tours in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan. After I was medically retired in May 2017, I moved to Black Mountain North Carolina where I focused on rehabilitation though mountain trail running. I have lived in Jacksonville Florida since October 2019 where I work as an Occupational Safety Manager. I have been a member of Team RWB since 2013 and have been running for over 25 years. Some of my running achievements include two marathons, the R2R2R in the Grand Canyon, and many hours and miles exploring the Smokey Mountains.


Jonathan Vedia

Core Runner

Annual Florida Run for the Fallen. Help us bring tribute to our State's Military Fallen Heroes and their Families.

I run for those who can't.(sick, injured, deceased, etc) I run in their Honor.

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This Could Be You!

Core Runner

I am thankful to be joining the Run for the Fallen family as we bring honor and remembrance to Florida's military fallen and their families.